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Oxygen Production Plant

High quality oxygen production plants for medical and industrial oxygen gas supply via gas pipeline or high pressure oxygen cylinders.

  • Capacity Range:25 m3/hr. to 1,000 m3/hour (100 to 4000 Cylinders Filling/Day)
  • Purity : OXYGEN - 99.7% (Medical Grade)
  • Technology : ING L.&A. BOSCHI, ITALY (Since 1930)
  • Uses/Applications:  Health Care (Hospitals), Oil and Gas Refinery, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Pulp and Paper Glass & Metals Industries.

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Top Features of UBP Series Oxygen Generation Plant

  • Oil free Air Compressor for industrial and medical grade oxygen production.
  • Skid mounted purification unit & easy to install & operate.
  • 100% cryogenic grade stainless steel; hence oxygen produced is 100% medical oxygen suitable as per American/European pharmacopeia & industrial uses like cutting/welding etc.
  • Liquid oxygen pump for filling high purity oxygen in cylinders at 150 to 200 Bar.
  • Stable high purity oxygen supply 99.7%.
  • Quick start system ensures faster production after power tripping.

Oxygen Production Plant Process and Layout

Oxygen plant process works by taking ambient air from the atmosphere which then separates oxygen from other gases and impurities through molecular sieves and air separation techniques such as cryogenic distillation, PSA (pressure swing adsorption) and membrane separation. We use cryogenic distillation process for its efficiency and capability to generate O2 with purity up to 99.7%, which is sufficient for industrial and medical applications.

Oxygen generation through cryogenic air separation process starts with intake of atmospheric air through an inlet into the air separation unit (ASU). The air is compressed and purified of impurities such as carbon dioxide, moisture and hydrocarbons. In the cryogenic process, the feed air is liquefied in the series of heat exchangers to sub-zero temperatures. Oxygen is separated from other gases on basis of their boiling points. Finally, the product gas is distilled in the low pressure distillation for achieving commercial purity specifications.

Onsite Oxygen Plant Installation

Onsite Oxygen Plant Installation

We provide seamless oxygen plant installation at client site. Once all components reach the intended destination, we dispatch our engineer to set up the plant machinery. The engineer will inspect the land and building for commissioning. He also ensures that all the power wiring is connected properly. It is strongly recommended that you keep spare parts for handling future use. Installation materials must be of good quality. Our engineer will take care of everything from erection, commissioning to the starting up of the machinery. Oxygen output is checked out to see if the yield is as per the standard.

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Technical Specifications
Name of the Models UBP - 50 UBP - 100 UBP - 130 UBP - 170 UBP - 200 UBP - 300 UBP - 400 UBP - 500 UBP - 1000
Capacities(Cubicmeter/hr) 50 100 500 700 200 300 400 500 1000
No. of Cylinders in a Day (Oxygen/Nitrogen) 200 400 500 700 800 1200 1600 2000 4000