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Cryogenic Air Separation Plant

World class manufacturer and exporter of cryogenic gas air separation plant. we have manufactured over 500 AIR SEPARATION PLANTS & EQUIPMENTS since 1985 over 30 years.

  • Model/Capacity : 50 to 2000 Nm3/hour
  • Purity : OXYGEN - 99.7% & NITROGEN - 99.99%
  • Technology : ING L.&A. BOSCHI, ITALY (Since 1930)
  • Applications :Health Care (Hospitals), Oil & Gas Refinery, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Glass & Metal

Are you looking for Air Separation System suitable to fill the 100 to 20,000 cylinders (50 m3 to 5,000 m3/hour) per day? Get commercial offer NOW!!

What are Cryogenic Distillation and Air Separation Process Technology?

Air separation process technology enables air separation to achieve the product gas in purity form. There are many air separation techniques the most famous being cryogenic distillation and pressure swing adsorption (PSA). Cryogenic process is the most efficient & popular in industries. Cryogenic distillation is a process for air separation to obtain high purity gas either oxygen or nitrogen. The process starts with intake of atmospheric air which is subsequently filtered and compressed in the air compressor. The processed air is purified and liquefied to cryogenic temperatures and separated in the high pressure distillation column on the basis of the boiling points of gases present in the air.

Air Separation Plants are designed and manufactured with advanced cryogenic distillation technology. Cryogenic air separation is used for co-producing oxygen and nitrogen as liquid and gases. It is considered the most efficient technology for high rate of gas generation. Cryogenic technology is required for generating liquid gases. Mostly it is found that medium to large scale businesses prefer generating liquefied gases using this process. We have world-class engineering expertise which earned us the reputation of being one of the few manufacturers designing and manufacturing onsite industrial gas systems.

Efficiency of cryogenic gas separation process is dependent on the sizes of the equipment & getting the adequate energy to operate it optimally. However, generating both nitrogen and oxygen is the most cost-effective option both in terms of capital employed and energy consumption. Clients must send their air separation technical specification, required product volume and budget. After examining your requirement by our experts, our sales team will contact you with a quote and detailed proposal how the plant will be customized for meeting your needs. We will install and start up the plant within the time we specify.

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