Onsite Oxygen Gas Solutions for Paper & Pulp Industry

Universal Boschi is a globally recognised and respected brand for manufacturing and supply oxygen generating systems for small businesses. We understand the needs of these businesses and what issues plague their operations. Decidedly, there are many gas plant manufacturing multinational companies that deliver oxygen and other gases but they mostly cater to the big industries. Their thinking, processes and organization of operations are constructed to serve big businesses and the concerns of small businesses are completely lost to them. Their way of conducting business is a lot like the big governmental bureaucracy where small businesses do not get their due. On the other hand, our entire focus is on innovating and making O2 gas plant fall within the budget of small entrepreneurs while matching the quality of big multinational gas companies. oxygen for paper industry

Onsite Oxygen Gas Making System for Paper & Pulp Industry

Our marketing team has come with extensive research that businesses engaged in paper & pulp industry are facing a lot of challenges in not being able to get oxygen plants at prices that fits within their budget. There is also issue of many manufacturers supplying them plants that are fabricated with old technology which does not deliver efficient performance and usually breaks down soon after installation. We design and manufacture oxygen plant for paper and pulp industry with capacity ranging from 25m3/hr to 500m3/hr with the latest cryogenic distillation process. The entire range of products has been budgeted after properly studying the requirements and patterns of operation of small to medium scale enterprises. And, we have not the lost sight of their financial constrains while pricing the products. During the manufacturing and designing of the system a great deal of thought is given to factoring in the working conditions of paper & pulp industry.

How We Design and Manufacture Oxygen Gas Plants?

At Universal Boschi we have instituted a blueprint for quality designing and manufacturing. The entire process is approached in accordance with our in-house quality rules which are fused with local data of the client in the construction and designing of our gas generation systems. It is also taken in which industry the system will be deployed to provide gas for. As we are discussing oxygen plant for paper and pulp industry, we will take into account the demands of the industry as well as the local atmosphere where it will be installed. This way it is ensured that working of the machinery is fully optimized. Testing is done by simulating the conditions obtaining at the client site. We have constructed a state-of-the-art testing center in Delhi NCR region which is one of the largest in the area. We are committed to deliver gas solutions that spur the growth of the manufacturing industries. Our endeavor is driven by symbiotic relationship with our clients, their progress makes us to push harder and work for devising even better delivery systems and services. Our organization is driven by mutuality of interests with our existing and potential customers envisioning role as being enablers. The urge to push the boundaries is always there while working on improving the efficiencies of processes used in our onsite oxygen solutions.

Some of the Salient Features are

High Quality Components

We use only the high quality components in the fabrication. Our air separation units (ASUs) are fitted with air compressors of Atlas Copco, which is regarded as the best in the field. Similarly, all other components like purification units, etc, are bought only from the OEMs.


This is the quality that has to be earned over a period of time. Working of our onsite gas generations solutions has been proven delivering steady performance for our clients for years without any problem barring requiring minimum maintenance now and then. We actively work on the feedback received from the customers getting the efficiency of the machinery attuned to the needs of clients.

Long Life-Cycle

Being constructed with the high quality materials, the systems are bound to last for over 25 years. So many O2 and N2 systems we installed during the 1st year of the establishment of Universal Boschi in 1985 are still working efficiently. We are one of the few companies that provide efficient and reliable after sales service. No matter how long after making the purchase you need service you stay assured we will be around.

Types of Oxygen Gas Plants We Offer

Custom Oxygen Plant

This is the type that is made after we get very specific instructions from the customer for fabrication. Everything right from materials, process, columns, etc, is decided in consultation with the clients and the requirements of the paper business. End-product has already been conceived by the customers our engineers ensure the plant comes alive and starts to deliver. Our engineers have high level of skill in delivering optimum customization results.

Containerized Oxygen Plant

It is small oxygen plant manufactured with very tight integration and can easily be connected to a cylinder filling station. It is primarily meant for entrepreneurs engaged in papermaking with small budgets. It allows clients to fill up cylinders with O2 and store them for future us. All of our products are offered our world-class after-sales service. If you are looking for reliable oxygen supply for industry, contact us today. Our sales team will provide you with the proper specifications and set up details.