Onsite Oxygen Generation for Glass Blowing, Bead Making and Lampworking

Oxygen is essential in the manufacturing glass ornaments, bead making and lampworking based on Buddhist, Christian and Hindu religious motifs. These ornaments are much in demand during Buddhist, Christian and Hindu festivals. It is also used in factories making glass for use in medical and scientific applications. Light bulb manufacturing is another cottage industry that requires use of oxygen. These industries need readily available supply of oxygen for continued operations. Regarding the uninterrupted supply of oxygen, the practice of using oxygen cylinders is problematic for business situated in remote location where industrial gas companies are hesitant to deliver the supplies. Universal Boschi has designed and manufactured onsite generation solution for glass blowing, bead making and lampworking businesses with capacity of 25m3/hour. Oxygen for Glass Blowing

Onsite Oxygen Generation with Cryogenic Distillation

Universal Boschi oxygen plant with capacity of 25m3/hour is specially designed and customized for meeting oxygen requirements of gas blowing , bead making and lampworking. Atmospheric air constitutes 21% of oxygen which is enriched though cryogenic air separation by liquefaction based on the difference in boiling points of oxygen, nitrogen and other rare gases. This is how high purity is generated for industrial and medical processes. To ensure our users get complete understating of the working principle of onsite oxygen generation, a detailed explanation of the cryogenic is provided in the following paragraph. After atmospheric air is taken as a feedstock in the air separation unit (ASU), it is filtered to remove dust particles and then compressed in the air compressor. Next the air is taken cleaning up of impurities in the purification unit removing contaminants such as water vapors, carbon dioxide and hydrocarbons. The cleaned feed air is now run through a series of heat exchangers where it is cooled to cryogenic temperatures for achieving liquefaction. Now the liquefied air is passed through a high pressure distillation column for separation of oxygen from nitrogen and other gases. Chosen gas is collected and is sent into a low pressure distillation column for distillation to achieve oxygen purity specification needed in gas blowing, bead making and lampworking.

25m3/hour Oxygen Plant Designed Especially for Glass Blowing

After assessing oxygen demand in the glass blowing, bead making and lampworking, our experts have concluded of the huge potential for small or mini oxygen plant/generator with capacity of 25m3/hour. It is a cottage industry with some individual and artists working alone in far-flung areas where getting oxygen through cylinders is difficult. Moreover, these individuals have small budgets but constant supply of high purity oxygen is vital for sustaining their operations. The plant has been equipped with all the features suitable for easier operations.

Typical Features Incorporated for Glass Blowing, Bead Making and Lampworking Industry

Containerized Onsite Oxygen Generation

We manufacture and supply containerized onsite oxygen generation solutions which is small in size and can be easily integrated with a compressor and a cylinder filling station. Being a cottage industry, numerous small businesses are shutting off because they are not able to avail affordable oxygen supply. This especially designed product will go a long way for meeting the requirements of the industry. The container can easily enclose the mini oxygen plant along with cylinder filling system.

Oxygen Cylinder Filling Station

Our mini oxygen plant can be seamlessly outfitted with a cylinder filling station which is able to generate oxygen with purity up to 99.7%. It will enable the businesses to generate their own oxygen and fill the cylinders at costs very inexpensive compared to market prices.

High Reliability

Oxygen plant with flow rate of 25m3/hour is fully containerized with compressor, purification unit, heat exchangers and cold box designed for running 24 hour operations.

Long Life-Cycle

The plant is manufactured with ASME quality materials and high grade stainless steel column imparting with a long life-cycle. Mostly our plants have life-cycle of over 25 years. Universal Boschi has been in the business for over 35 years manufacturing oxygen plans for different industries which are low-priced, high quality, requiring minimum maintenance and offers faster ROI. If you are looking for a small oxygen plant, email us at info@universalboschi.net for getting complete project details.