Onsite Oxygen Generation Plant for Steel Industry

Oxygen is an important non-metallic gas which is extensively used in the steel industry. In fact, it is estimated that of all commercially generated oxygen steel industry consumes almost 55% of it. There is no denying of the importance oxygen has in the making of steel which is perhaps second only to its function of keeping us alive. Onsite oxygen generation plant is used for onsite production of oxygen for running steel plant operations. Oxygen is required in large quantities in the making of steel. Mostly oxygen generation plants are used for producing oxygen in large scale quantities with high purity through the liquefaction and distillation of atmospheric air in a process called as cryogenic air separation. PSA or VPSA oxygen plants are also used for meeting the O2 requirements of steel plants.

Oxygen use in Steel Making Industry

Before discussing numerous uses of oxygen in steel manufacturing it is imperative that we know what oxygen is. It is a nonmetallic gas which constitutes 21% of Earth’s atmosphere by volume. It is one of the most plentiful elements to be in the planet’s atmosphere. Being a highly reactive element, oxygen is known to form compounds with most of the elements and compounds except noble gases. This is the reason we find oxygen bound up with other elements and compounds like oxides, water and silicates. Marine life is able to live because O2 is dissolved in all water bodies like lakes, rivers and seas. Molecular oxygen is known to exist only in the atmosphere.

Oxygen for Steel

Industrial Oxygen Plant for Steel Manufacturing & AOD Furnace

In the industrial applications liquid oxygen is the preferred choice because it is easy to transport and can be stored in large volumes with safety. In actual use mostly gaseous oxygen is used by vaporizing liquid oxygen into its gaseous form.

The most important application of oxygen is combustion. Oxygen supports combustion but in itself it is not combustible. Numerous materials that do not easily burn in the air will burst into ferocious fire on mixing with oxygen. There is no denying O2 greatly enhances the efficiency of any material to which it is added. It is often used in combination with a fuel gas which is used for cutting, heating, welding and brazing because it is increases flame temperature and efficiency of combustion. Oxygen is also widely used for thermal lancing for cutting through materials made up of concrete and metals.

Biggest use of oxygen is in the process of steel manufacturing. It is no wonder most of the onsite oxygen gas plants are deployed in the steel industry. It is employed in the primary steel production processes which are known as basic oxygen furnace and electric arc furnace. These two processes consume most of the oxygen generated commercially or onsite. There are secondary processes as well that also need oxygen for their operations. During the steel making process oxygen is added to the blast air in the blast furnace. It is used in oxy-fuel cutting and added to the oxy fuel burners for furnace reheating. Different burners are mixed with oxygen for enhancing combustion efficiency. Amongst numerous applications of oxygen it is also used for lancing of steel.

High Purity Oxygen for Industrial Furnace Manufacturers Company

Many of our Industrial oxygen plants have been installed at steel manufacturing industry for onsite generation of oxygen. There has never been any complain of their efficiency, quality or pricing. We are also known to offer fabulous after sales service. So if the plant not working properly at your site our engineers would love to set the things right for you. We have steel specialists that innovate the manufacturing of oxygen making plants for performing exactly to meet the specifications of steel making industry.

Oxygen is also used in steel scarfing and in combination with a fuel gas for gas welding, gas cutting, flame cleaning, flame hardening, and flame straightening. In steel plants, oxygen is applied in self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA). Moreover there are onsite heal centers and even hospitals at steel making plants where oxygen is used for providing first-aid treatment.

If you are looking for an Industrial oxygen gas plant for steel industry we have got superior and specially customized systems capable of enriching air for combustion and numerous other applications. They are manufactured with ASME quality materials, high quality stainless steel column and argon welding.

To learn more about oxygen generation process and technical specs for meeting your oxygen need, call us today! Also Read: Top Features of UBP Series Oxygen Generation Plant