Onsite Nitrogen Generation for Inerting in Industries

Universal ING. LA. Boschi manufactures onsite nitrogen generation systems for wide range of industries requiring high purity nitrogen for uninterrupted operations. Nitrogen is nonmetallic gas found abundantly in the Earth’s atmosphere comprising around 79% by volume and is valued for its inerting properties. It is the ideal gas for displacing oxygen, counters oxidation, avoids fires and explosions. Atmospheric air is taken for industrial preparation of nitrogen gas for use in various commercial applications. Industrially, the nonmetallic gas is valued for its inerting properties making it essential in numerous industries including food packaging, heat treating, oil fields, chemical production and manufacturing facilities.
What is Nitrogen

How will You Prepare Nitrogen Gas in Industrial Scale?

For clients in the businesses like food packaging, metal fabrication, running an oil field or oil tankers, we provide them with nitrogen generation solutions especially customized for the specific requirements of their business. Our commercial nitrogen generators are fabricated with high quality ASME-certified materials that can withstand intense temperatures and pressures. Industrial preparation of nitrogen gas is based on the cryogenic distillation process considered the most efficient for large scale production of industrial gases with high purity. Universal ING. LA. Boschi uses high grade stainless steel columns and argon welding in our manufacturing of onsite gas systems. Nitrogen is produced through liquefaction and separation of atmospheric air in the air separation unit. The gas is then distilled in the low pressure distillation column to achieve the desired purity.

Efficient, Reliable and Safe Nitrogen Production

We have experience over three decades of innovating engineered solutions for onsite nitrogen generation. Does not matter in which business or industry you are as long as you need nitrogen for creating modified atmosphere with low oxygen. We provide efficient systems that are fully automated with PLC system which controls functioning of the most components of cryogenic distillation nitrogen generator working principle ranging air compressor, purification unit to the expander and the cold box. The generator efficiently produced nitrogen with purity up to 99.99%, which is excellent for types of industrial, medical and scientific applications. In case the nitrogen purity falls below the specified level gas purity monitoring system will sound off an alarm. The system requires minimum manual inputs - cleaning filters, changing oil.

Why Choose Universal ING. LA. Boschi Engineered Onsite Nitrogen Generation Solutions

Universal ING. LA. Boschi is in the business of manufacturing and designing N2 generators for over three and half decades having installed over 500 onsite systems in over 85 countries. Clients are satisfied with the efficiency and longevity of our systems. We have three ISO 9001: 2015 and CE certified factories in Delhi NCR (India) equipped with modern cryogenic and other cutting-edge technologies. Our engineers design and manufacture nitrogen producing systems with precision, quality and reliability. Our clients are mostly engaged in the following industries:
  • Metal & heat treating
  • Food packaging & wine-making
  • Chemical & manufacturing processes
  • Pharmaceuticals, biotechnology & medical
  • Steelmaking and mining
Life-cycle of our gas generating units is over 25 years. The clients, who bought the first batch of onsite nitrogen generators in 1985, the year of establishment of our business, are still operating them with efficiency. We continue to offer them after sales service, known for its timeliness and promptness. All of our 500 nitrogen systems are working seamlessly with clients satisfied with their performance. We are one of the largest nitrogen plant manufacturers offering high quality products fabricated at our ISO certified factories.

Advantages of Installing Our N2 Generators Include:

  • Seamless installation of onsite N2 production
  • Rapid return on investment(ROI)
  • Customization to your specs
  • Cost-effective
  • World-class customers service
  • Low operating costs
  • Timely & effective service
If you are looking for a nitrogen generator plant but do not know which size or specs fits your requirements, contact us at info@universalboschi.net

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