Uses and Applications

Oxygen for Medical
Our onsite systems provide healthcare facilities with onsite generation of oxygen which they can use for treatment of wide assortment of health disorders.
Nitrogen Production
Nitrogen is nonmetallic gas found abundantly in the Earth’s atmosphere comprising around 79% by volume and is valued for its inerting properties.
Use of Oxygen in Glass Blowing Industry
Oxygen is essential in the manufacturing glass ornaments, bead making and lampworking based on Buddhist Christian and Hindu religious motifs.
Oxygen for Industrial Uses
Oxygen is an important nonmetallic gas with atomic number of 8 in the periodic table. It is too well-known a fact to warrant a repetition for its centrality to sustenance of life on Earth.
Use of Oxygen in Glass Blowing Industry
It is too well-known a fact to over-emphasize the importance of interting properties of nitrogen. The inerting property of nitrogen aids in displacing oxygen which is the cause of oxidation
Oxygen is an important non-metallic gas which is extensively used in the steel industry. In fact, it is estimated that of all commercially generated oxygen steel industry consumes almost 55%
Acetylene gas is one of the popular fuel gases used in welding, cutting, heating and brazing. An acetylene gas plant is used for onsite acetylene gas generations for oxy-welding and numerous other applications.
Universal Boschi is a globally recognised and respected brand for manufacturing and supply oxygen generating systems for small businesses.
When we talk of inerting, the first name that comes up is that of nitrogen. It is the gas of choice in the making of the most of the inerting systems for chemical industry.