Liquid Nitrogen Plant for Food and Beverage Industry

It is too well-known a fact to over-emphasize the importance of interting properties of nitrogen. The inerting property of nitrogen aids in displacing oxygen which is the cause of oxidation, responsible for decaying of food due to formation of moisture, mold and several other problems. In other words, nitrogen gas increases the shelf life of the packaged food. We install liquid nitrogen generation system for food processing, beverages and packaging industry for getting continuous supply of the inert gas.

Nitrogen for food Industry

Use of Liquid Nitrogen in Food and Beverage Processing

Food processing is an important and big business with market of billions of dollars. It requires application of nitrogen for preserving food from spoilage due to oxidation and bacterial degradation. Nitrogen also aids in maintaining texture, taste and integrity besides extending the shelf life of the food. Use of the inert gas protects the food though storage, transportation, retailing and finally ending up with the consumer. A lot of times lapses in between storage and consumption during which deterioration takes place which is slowed down by use of the inert gas. It is used for flushing and filling bags (cellophane & plastic), bottles, cans and plastic container for storing food keeping food intact till it is consumed.

Preservation of Food with Nitrogen

It is widely in preserving food from decay and deterioration with a process using nitrogen known as flushing. The process uses nitrogen in the storage container before being sealed off. And, preservation is achieved by displacing oxygen out of the container with the use of nitrogen. However, it is imperative that the packaging is duly sealed to ensure nitrogen does not leak out. Needless to say, the process lengthens the shelf life of the food and creates a safety layer for fragile foods.

Food Preservation Using Vacuum Packaging with Nitrogen

In the preservation of food with vacuum packaging, food is placed in a container with complete removal of air before sealing it off. Despite employing the best vacuum packaging technique, some oxygen might get left behind in the packaging. In order to overcome this defect, we use nitrogen for achieving complete absence of oxygen. Nitrogen is injected into the packaging just before it is vacuumed and sealed. This virtually removes any remnants of oxygen. Vacuum packaging with nitrogen is a state-of-the-art technique for preserving fragile food and other items as it provides a cushion nitrogen layer, which is safeguard against breakage.

Onsite Liquid Nitrogen Factory for Filling in Storage Tanks

We have manufactured liquid nitrogen production plant in different capacities especially designed and customized for meeting the unique requirements of the food processing and packaging industry. Capital cost for purchasing our onsite N2 generation system is the lowest in the industry and their quality at par with the best in world. Whatever your technical specifications and budget we have an oxygen plant meeting your requirements. Installation, flow rate and purity level will be customized as per your budget. Our liquid nitrogen generator systems will deliver faster return on investment and low production cost.

Your search for reliable and cost-effective liquid nitrogen solutions for food processing business ends here! We provide the nitrogen solutions. Contact us today to know our systems can improve your business.

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