Onsite Medical Grade Oxygen Generation System for Hospital

Universal ING. LA. Boschi‘s medical grade oxygen generation system provides high purity breathing oxygen for healthcare applications. Oxygen being vital for sustenance of life it is required in numerous healthcare situations where the patient is not able to breathe adequate amount of oxygen due to trauma, lung disability or loss of involuntary control. In such scenarios, supplemental oxygen must be fed to the patients so that he survives until he fully heals and starts controlling conscious functioning of breathing. In some diseases like COPD the patient must be put on oxygen therapy for a long-term basis.
What is Nitrogen
Our onsite oxygen systems provide healthcare facilities with onsite generation of oxygen which they can use for treatment of wide assortment of health disorders. Our cryogenic process based systems can generate oxygen with purity up to 99.7%, which meets the specifications of the US Pharmacopeia, Indian Pharmacopeia and the European Pharmacopeia. We provide comprehensive onsite oxygen healthcare solutions for wide spectrum of medical situations. Experts providing healthcare especially during medical emergencies require ready-to-use oxygen for administering Basic Life Support and Advanced Life Support and operating medical equipment needing medical grade oxygen.

Install Onsite Oxygen Generation System in Hospitals for continuous Oxygen Supply

For round the clock provision of oxygen, the healthcare centers install oxygen generating systems depending upon their daily requirements. A small healthcare center or hospital can install onsite oxygen production system with a flow rate of 150Nm3/hour which can fill 600 oxygen cylinders per day at a pressure of 150-200 bar. However, the flow rate can be changed though the control panel in small and measured incremental values. Upon installation of our onsite O2 generation system, hospitals or healthcare centers can automate oxygen supplies to their respirators, resuscitators and other medical equipment at pressure and flow rate they set. It is life-saving equipment worth investing to ensure that hospitals never run out of oxygen supply at critical times when there is a spurt in cases requiring oxygen therapy. We manufacture and install highly customizable oxygen gas generation unit worldwide with top-class after sales service through our local representatives based in important cities across the globe. We provides low cost onsite medical oxygen generation solutions in hospital for meeting diverse requirements of our clients. Looking for the best solution for meeting your oxygen requirements? Get in touch with our team they will customize the best onsite oxygen system for you!

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