acetylene gas
acetylene gas
acetylene gas

Acetylene Plant Generator

We are world class manufacturer and exporter of acetylene gas plant for oxy acetylene gas welding and cutting applications.

  • Capacity Range :15 m3/hour to 200 m3/hour
  • Applications : Oxy-Acetylene Welding and Cutting
  • Technology : ING L.&A. BOSCHI, ITALY (Since 1930)
  • Uses :Welding, Cutting and Heat Treating

Are you looking for Acetylene Generator System suitable to fill the 50 to 1,000 cylinders (15 m3 to 200 m3/hour) per day? Get commercial offer NOW!!

How Acetylene is Produced in Acetylene Generator

Automatic Standard Acetylene Generation Plant

Automatic standard acetylene generation plant is used for producing acetylene which is a highly flammable fuel gas. Acetylene is produced because of a reaction between calcium carbide and water. As a by-product of the heat from the reaction, the plant is equipped with mechanism for moderating heat with water to ensure there is no explosion. Acetylene is a fuel gas which is widely used in applications such as cutting, heating and brazing. It can generate high temperature in combination with oxygen gas mixture. We equip the acetylene generating units with proper safety measures.

We use high-end technology in the manufacturing to ensure that our products deliver trusted and efficient performance. Manufacturing is completed with the use of ASME quality materials that can withstand extreme pressure and temperature. Complete working of the machinery is automated allowing the customers to run it with a single operator. Our oxy-acetylene machines are equipped with the advanced features like digital control panel for easy operation from the control room. Our acetylene units have life-cycle of over 20 years.

How Acetylene is produced in Acetylene Generator

Acetylene is generated by reacting Calcium Chloride with water. The reaction also produces calcium hydroxide and heat.

CaC2 + 2H2O = Ca (OH) 2 + C2H2 Delta H = - 32.5 kcal

Calcium Carbide is poured into hoppers of acetylene Generator and by using carbide feed mechanism rated amount of carbide is reacted with water. We use medium pressure generator type with the ability to use calcium carbide having graded size ranging from 4mm to 50mm. And dust content should not exceed 15%. The generator is equipped with water inlet, residue agitation and residue discharge with recommended carbide size between 25*50.

Our acetylene production plant is manufactured and designed for generating high carbide yield. Efficiency, reliability and durability of our plants are trusted by customers because of commitment to world-class quality and standards. We provide acetylene gas systems in capacities ranging from 10m3/hour to 200m3/hour. Fabrication and inspection is carried out to meet of design principles and manufacturing practices from Section VIII of the ASME codes. The plant is skid mounted with the generator mounted on one skid while the process equipment is carried on the 2nd skid. The 2nd skid carries the equipment for cooling acetylene that is 99.6% pure.