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Oxygen Plant for Hospital

We design and install Onsite Oxygen Gas Plant for Hospitals Oxygen supply via Medical Gas pipeline system.

  • Capacity Range:25 m3/hr. to 500 m3/hour (100 to 2000 Cylinders Filling/Day)
  • Purity: OXYGEN - 99.7% (Medical grade Oxygen Purity)
  • Technology: ING L.&A. BOSCHI, ITALY (Since 1930)
  • Uses/Applications: Hospitals

Get Commercial offer for Setup Onsite oxygen gas plant for hospitals cylinder refilling system and Medical gas Pipe Line system for continuous oxygen supply in Hospitals.


  • Liquid Oxygen pump technology for filling bone dry Oxygen in cylinders at 150 bar
  • Since use of 100% cryogenic grade stainless steel, hence oxygen produced is 100% medical Oxygen suitable as per American/European Pharmacopeia.
  • High purity Oxygen 99.7% suitable for Hospitals
  • Liquid Oxygen production system for filling liquid Oxygen in tank for hospital supply or back up storage.
  • Pure medical oxygen is free from any contamination.
  • Medical oxygen gas should be produced by the air liquefaction process.
  • Medical oxygen gas filling in cylinders can only be done by oil free liquid oxygen pump.

Oxygen Gas Plant for Hospital

Oxygen supply plant is an industrial machine manufactured specifically for generating high purity oxygen for meeting industrial and medical requirements. As you might be aware, we use exceptional designing and technology expertise of ING L A Boschi Italy since 1930s, which we have acquired. Cryogenic air separation process allows customers to produce O2 without any trace of contaminants and is bone dry. Oxygen with this purity level can be readily used in hospitals for administration to patients. There is no need for installing separate O2 plant for medical purposes. Since it is manufactured with ASME certified materials and components procured from European OEMS, our O2 plants have life-cycle of over 25 years needing minimum maintenance.

Oxygen Gas Plant for Hospital

Medical Gas Pipeline System for Hospitals

We manufacture medical oxygen plant with the latest cryogenic distillation technology to produce medical grade oxygen that meets the purity specifications set down by the leading medical authorities. The plant is ideal for supplying oxygen to hospitals either through cylinders or by piping systems. Mostly, small hospitals prefer meeting their oxygen through cylinders for which we supply cylinder filling systems. For big hospitals we provide cryogenic storage tanks along with O2 plants for storing LOX and supplying oxygen through hospital piping systems.

Medical Oxygen Specifications and Standards

Medical oxygen is mandated to be produced as per the specifications and standards set down by the WHO, Indian Pharmacopeia, European Pharmacopeia and British HTM. These are some of the standards most commonly used & referenced and are published in the corresponding websites. It is also listed in the World Health Organization's List of Essential Medicines.

  • Oxygen purity must not be less than 99.0 per cent v/v.
  • Carbon dioxide must not be more than 300ppm v/v.
  • Water content must never exceed 67ppm v/v.
  • Carbon monoxide must not overshoot 5ppm v/v.

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Oxygen Plant for Medical