Use of Nitrogen in Building Inerting Systems for Chemical Industry

When we talk of inerting, the first name that comes up is that of nitrogen. It is the gas of choice in the making of the most of the inerting systems for chemical industry. There are other gases as well with inert properties such as carbon dioxide and rare gases like argon. It is N2 that has become synonymous for being the least reactive gas and is economically viable for large scale industrial production. And, it is not as easily possible with gases like argon as it is it does not offer the economy of scale though it is used in selective industrial applications. Constituting 78% of Earth's atmosphere, N2 is plentifully available as a raw material for enriching it in the nitrogen gas plants using various available effective techniques such as pressure swing adsorption (PSA) and cryogenic air separation. Use of Nitrogen in Building in Chemical Industry

What is Inerting?

It is a process of displacement of oxygen with nitrogen to stop oxidative processes in the enclosed atmosphere. Being a highly reactive and combustion supporting element, oxygen is known to cause rusting, fires and formation of moisture, mold, and bacteria. It is obvious that effect of oxygen must be moderated to a level where ceases to have adverse effect on the products being inerted.

What is the Need for Using Inerting Systems?

There is urgent need for deploying inert gas systems because of economical and safety reasons. The system generates nitrogen for controlling the level of oxygen in a modified atmosphere to ensure O2 have the least effect on the reactive products. Oxidation can cause explosions and formation of moisture, bacteria, rust, etc. Inerting is necessarily needed for following reasons:
  • Avoiding fires & explosions
  • Preventing formation of moisture
  • Stopping unwanted reactions
  • Building an ecology of safety
This cannot be done without the use of a nitrogen inerting procedure which helps in creating advanced modified atmosphere which is so handy in the preservation & packaging of food products. The procedure is also urgently needed in the storage and transportation of highly volatile products such as petroleum products. Universal boschi has designed and manufactured onboard inert gas generation system for effective transportation of products that require protection from deterioration such as food stuff and from fires and explosions. The inerting system is integrated in the functioning of Universal Boschi’s onsite nitrogen gas generation solutions.

What are the Main Applications of Inert Gases Like Nitrogen?

Chemical industry is the largest consumer of inert gases including nitrogen, carbon dioxide and noble gases. Inerting is especially vital in the following segments of chemical industry:
  • Manufacturing of specialty chemicals
  • Petroleum
  • Refineries
  • Food packaging
  • Food preservation
  • Construction
In the chemical industry inerting is required for numerous components and equipments used in the above-mentioned industries. This ensures long, efficient and trouble-free performance.

Types of inerting applications

There are two types of applications common in the industry for inerting, which are known as continuous and intermittent applications.

Continuous Applications

This type of interting is undertaken in chemical processes where creating modified atmosphere is needed for prevention of fires and explosions. It is also needed to prevent oxidation in order to significantly slow down the deterioration of organic products especially of food and beverages.

Intermittent Applications

Applications of inerting nitrogen applied to purging of pipes and tanks is referred to as intermittent as well as for using inerting solutions in grinding units, silo installations, etc. It is so named because it is required only for purging of the process gas.

Globally trusted nitrogen inerting solutions

Universal Boschi’s onsite nitrogen generation solutions are customized to the requirements of clients based on their industry, equipment and types of inerting they need.

Nitrogen Cylinder Filling Plant

This plant is adjudged as the best choice for chemical industry for meeting their intering and purging requirements. It can be easily integrated with a nitrogen filling station giving you the option to fill nitrogen cylinders anytime you want. The plant is made with ASME certified materials with life-cycle of over 25 years. Cryogenic grade stainless steel column is used in the fabrication with argon welding for achieving international quality CE certified product. Looking for a suitable nitrogen inerting system, contact us today with details of your industry and requirement of daily output. Our sales team will get in touch with you within 24 hours with technical specifications and quotation.