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Oxygen Supply Plant

Oxygen is a biological necessity for respiration providing a basis for all biochemical activities happening at the cellular level to release energy to perform our daily tasks. It is very important in the field of medicine as much as that modern medicine cannot be practiced in its absence. Since it started to be used in healthcare in 1810, the use and is impact has grown exponentially. At the start of the 3rd decade of the 21st century we cannot even imagine the healthcare field without oxygen with its applications from providing life-support to oxygen therapy.

Medical Grade Oxygen Generation Plant for Hospitals

It is high purity oxygen intended for treating medical conditions with impurities removed. It is meant for human consumption and requires medical prescription for placing an order for purchase. Medical cylinders are cleaned off all impurities before filing.

Medical Oxygen Specifications and Standards

Medical oxygen is mandated to be produced as per the specifications and standards set down by WHOM, Indian Pharmacopeia, European Pharmacopeia and British HTM. These are some of the standards most commonly used & referenced and are published in the corresponding websites. It is also listed in the World Health Organization’s List of Essential Medicines.

  • Oxygen purity must not be less than 99.0 per cent v/v.
  • Carbon dioxide must not be more than 300ppm v/v.
  • Water content must never exceed 67ppm v/v.
  • Carbon monoxide must not overshoot 5ppm v/v.

How Medical Oxygen is Supplied to Hospitals?

Medical oxygen is produced through separation of atmospheric air by liquefaction and distillation with purity of over 99% keeping various impurities within permissible limits as described above. Cryogenically produced and medically approved oxygen is fed into hospital piping systems. Purification units with twin molecular sieves keep moisture, CO2 and CO levels below those found in medical oxygen delivered in cylinders.

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Oxygen Plant for Medical