Get PESO License

If you are thinking of starting a medical oxygen cylinder business, it is mandatory to be approved with a medical license for generating oxygen and retailing it in cylinders. In addition, you also require a PESO license before you start the business.

PESO (Petroleum & Explosive Safety Organization) is an organization that regulates gas cylinders and safety protocols for handling of explosive gases. The organization is headquartered in Nagpur and grants approvals for wide range of manufacturing activities after assessing safety measures of the units.

It is a regulatory authority empowered with autonomous status headed by a Chief Controller of Explosives. The department was first established during the British Indian in 1890s under the name of Department of Explosives and later the mandate of the department was extended to numerous other activities.

 Getting the PESO license for medical oxygen

There are different requirements for getting the PESO license for different businesses. You can visit the PESO website where all the details are provided to obtain the approval. However, you feel confused with all the information it is recommended that you get the services of a reputed consultancy. After being acquainted with your requirements, the consultancy will apply on your behalf and get the license for you. In lieu of their services, they will charge a fee.

Requirements for PESO approval

For starting medical oxygen cylinder business you will have to fill and submit Form E & F (Fill cum Storage) for getting the license. The PESO site contains all the information that you would require. PESO has nodal offices in every state you can visit to get all the relevant details and guidelines issued by the government from time to time by the Government of India.

The government has allowed numerous relaxations and exemptions for production and distribution of medical oxygen for management of COVID-19.  If you are importing the cylinders from a foreign company the same would be approved by the officers of PESO after the audit. Medical oxygen storage liquid as well as gaseous would require an audit and could only be used after getting approved.

In order to get the PESO license for medical oxygen cylinder business in India, the customer must supply the following information dully submitted in a form provided by PESO:

  1. Name and address of the applicant/company
  2. Profile of the manufacturer
  3. Name of the product for which is required
  4. Name of the gas for which approval is required
  5. Area where the equipment will be installed

All other details required for getting the approval can be obtained on visiting the nearby Nodal of office of PESO.  In the wake of the global pandemic the process for getting the approvals has been streamlined. Entrepreneurs will get the approval after submission of the required with necessary documents within the stipulated period of time.

Once you have been granted the PESO license for medical oxygen you can go ahead and start your business. The government is also offering financial incentives to entrepreneurs wanting to do medical oxygen business in the form of subsidy in electricity consumption and also in financing a part of the cost of medical oxygen plants.